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Please download our power rating guide to get the total power consumption of your appliances. This aids in picking the most suitable Automatic Change Over model for you

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Automatic Change Over

Experience comfort and convenience. Save yourself the stress and hassle of turning off your generator and changing over when there is a power outage and when mains(PHCN) comes back on. This product switches off your generator and changes from the generator to mains supply automatically without any of your appliances losing power/going off.
You can also turn on and turn off your generating set with the simple push of a button from the Automatic Change Over without going outside. This would greatly increase your convenience and home security.

Key Features

Automatic Switch From Generator to Mains

Microcontroller based circuit design for better, faster and safer response.

Automatic Engine Switch Off

Automatically switches off your generator on the resumption of the mains supply, saving energy.

Surge Protection

The Automatic Change Over protects your home against any spikes from supply source.


3 sec. buzzer on resumption of mains supply.

Push To Start

Turn on your key start enabled generator with a simple push of a button

Push To Stop

Turn off your generator with a simple button push without going to your generator

Available Models

Automatic Change Over
Model K60C2 15KW

Recommended for apartments of the following range (1 bedroom – 3 bedroom apartments)

Automatic Change Over
Model K120C1 22KW

Recommend for duplexes and apartments with extremely high loads

Automatic Change Over
Model K120C3 40KW

Recommended for 3phase generators, for duplexes using 3phase wiring and hotels


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